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Handmade Silver Metal Stitch Marker Necklace ~ Vikings

Handmade Silver Metal Stitch Marker Necklace ~ Vikings

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The knitting accessory you've been waiting for. Our Viking set includes one of each of the following charms: Viking ship, Helm, Axe, a Jasper accented Mjolnir, and a three tiered faceted jasper marker. 

Now you never have to lose another stitch marker. This set of knitting stitch markers hangs from a 22" long silver chain, to be removed and replaced as needed. Wear your tools as jewelry and be the belle of the knitting/crocheting group.

Set of five silver colored stitch markers with steel gray snagless beads. 

Will fit up to size 10 needle.

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How our stitch markers are made:

Each stitch marker we sell starts as a spool of wire. Each jump ring is made by hand. We start by wrapping our chosen wire around a mandrel, creating what looks like a giant spring! Each ring is then cut from the coil individually. It's at this point where we add our charms. 

Ta Da! A finished stitch marker! 

Our snagless stitch markers have a colored glass bead affixed over the join in our handmade jump rings. These will never snag and are perfect for lightweight and silk yarns!