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Fauntleroy Cowl

The Fauntleroy Cowl


I love me some chevrons. They're bold, geometric, and versatile. They're in my logo, they're in my weaving. It's a thing. I've had this chevron cowl drifting around in my head for a while. First it was just knits and pearls, staggered to create a pattern. Then it was twisted stitches. Finally I decided on eyelet mesh. The stitches just pop, and the back looks pretty spiffy too. 

This cowl was designed in conjunction with the Ballard Mitts so that you could knit both out of a single skein of Ville. This pattern is super adjustable. You can make it longer, shorter, or taller with ease. You can use up every yard of that random ball you've got laying around. 


This was the third version I knit, worked up in Ville in the Fremont colorway. I had a little less than a full ball of yarn and knew I a) wanted to use up as much of this ball as possible and b) wanted it to fit closer to the recipient's neck. 

So first off I weighed the ball of yarn. I had 96 grams of yarn, so I knew I needed to knit for 48 grams before I switched the pattern to go the other direction and complete the chevron. Second, I eliminated ten stitches from the cast on, and away we went!


I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. 


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  • I feel so stupid. Struggling with th Fauntleroy. When you get to the second round you knit the YO, right? Do you keep doing that or am I off my rocker?


    Mary De Friel

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