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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is something I spend a lot of my time thinking about. When I ran a yarn store, I was amazed and slightly horrified at the amount of plastic that was created, received, and thrown away. One of my vendors packaged their products in compostable cellophane, and from the moment I saw that, something in the back of my head clicked. 

At Seattle Sky Dyeworks we aim to use as sustainable packaging as possible. Our tags are recyclable and compostable. The product bags we use are either reusable, like for our stitch markers, or compostable, like for our True Crime mini kits. Our greatest waste is currently our shipping mailers, and this year we are switching over to mailers made with recycled material, as well as those that are compostable. 

Earth friendly, sustainable products and packaging are important to us, and we encourage others to support these products as well. 

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