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Classes & Workshops

I am a seasoned instructor that has been teaching for almost a decade. Here are my classes and workshops that available for your local yarn store, retreats, and events! Please contact me at for availability. 


Beginning Knitting

"Learn the Basics of Knitting. How to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off. We start with a washcloth, and learn how to read a basic pattern. Weeks three and four we cast on for a hat and learn to knit in the round, knit ribbing, and do basic decreases."

Baby Sweaters/Intro to Garments

"If you’ve been wanting to give your first garment a go, this is an excellent class to start you off! We will go over the three main types of sweater construction: raglan, pieced, and bottom up, all while knitting adorable tiny sweaters! We will knit one in class, with the option to start the second the one in class. You’ll learn how to seam knitwear, pick up stitches, and Kitchener live stitches together!


Knitting with beads

"Beads add bling, texture, and visual interest to your knitwear. Elevate your projects and let your creative side show by knitting with beads! We will discuss the difference between pre-stringing beads, "afterthought" beads, and how to best choose beads for your project."

Cable Workshop

"To the left, to the right…


"Entrelac is a simple way of knitting squares, rectangles, and triangles into your project through the use of picking up stitches and knitting on the bias.


"Join us as we introduce you to the basics of brioche through this gorgeous pattern. You will learn cast on, cast off, and the elegant two color brioche stitch." 

Leaning the Right Way

"With so many increases and decreases out there, what is the difference between them? K2tog, SSK, or S1K1PSSO? This class will not only teach you how to do five different increases and decreases, but we will observe how they shape your knitting from which direction they lean, why the lean is important, and how they look in your finished work."

Kids Knitting

Stash Busting Workshop

"You’re one of us, and you’ve got stash. Maybe it’s lots of single balls, perhaps its little odds and ends from all the projects you’ve finished. Either way, it’s time to bust that stash. This three week course will cover stash organization methods, using pre-existing patterns by way of substitutions, yarn combinations, as well as *gasp* creating your own templates and patterns to work from, based on the yarn available. We will plan for and cast on one project during class."

Yarn Substitutions

"You’ve found the perfect pattern, but the yarn has been discontinued. Or you don’t like the mohair blend it calls for, maybe you’ve got something else in your stash, or you fell in love with a different yarn here at the store…

Knitting Round and Round

"This is a great "stepping stone" class for the beginning knitter. It is a gateway to knitting round pieces such as hats, gloves, and sweaters!

Lace Workshop

"If you can knit and purl, you can knit lace! This two hour workshop will walk you through how to read a lace chart, tips on following a lace chart, using lifelines, and more! We’ll cast on for a lace washcloth in class."

Adventures in Ravelry

"You’ve found your way to, but you’re a little overwhelmed with all the functions. Maybe you know how to use the groups and forums, but need help with the advanced pattern browser. Perhaps you’ve purchased all your patterns but want to see how others have modified and knit the same piece.


Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics

"Learn to weave a scarf in just a few hours! This two part class will walk you through a variety of 'w' words as you learn the basics of weaving: how to set up and warp a rigid heddle loom, how to choose your warp and weft, the mechanics of weaving, and different ways to finish your piece. By the end of the class you will have a completed scarf (not bad for a week, eh?)! This is an introductory class that is great for all skill levels."

Weaving Beyond the Basics

"After you have completed our Weaving Basics class, you are ready to move on to Weaving Beyond the Basics! This class is dedicated to learning all sorts of fun, new stitches using a rigid heddle loom (sounds magical, right?). We will be using our new skills to create a woven sampler wall hanging. So, break out and get funky with novelty yarn, create delicate lace stitches, and more!"

Double Heddle Weaving

"Learn to use a second heddle to double your weaving width! We will begin by double warping your loom, learning to place and use pickup sticks, and double weave. These skills can also be used to weave two separate pieces of fabric at once or even tubular textiles!"

Plaid Clinic

"Our long awaited plaid clinic is here! During this one day clinic you will learn how to choose yarns for a plaid, how to design your plaid using a variety of techniques, we’ll discuss color theory and how it applies to our designs, and start our project! You’ll receive three plaid patterns prior to class to inspire you. Come to class prepared with at least one project in mind, complete with yarn, appropriately sized reed, loom, and warping setup (clamps, pegs, cardboard sticks or warping papers). If you feel like bringing multiple potential options, please do!"

Houndstooth Clinic

"Houndstooth is the perfect way to step into woven colorwork and design on a rigid heddle loom. It can be classic or it can be funky. Learn to plan, warp, and weave a houndstooth scarf in class. You’ll learn how to properly juggle shuttles to create a clean edge while carrying colors."


Spinning Basics

"Ever wanted to bring that fiber addiction to the next level? Now you can! Learn to spin your own yarn! Our first week we will learn mechanism drafting and fiber preparation using a drop spindle. The second week we move to the wheel and begin spinning single ply so by the third week we begin to ply. You will finish this three week class with your very own skein of handspun yarn and a thirst for more."

Drop Spindling

"Take your spinning with you! Learn to use these primitive tools to spin your own yarns. We'll learn about different spindles, different drafting styles, and two different plying techniques!"