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Pacific Northwest Women of Wool

Grown by women, processed by women, dyed by women; for you. Farm to wheel, breed specific products, hand dyed in Seattle, WA.

Cooke Creek Wool Co

We begin with Cooke Creek Sheep Company in Ellensburg, WA. 

I met Jami, a first generation sheep farmer, years ago at Northwest Fiber Fusion. Her farm is home to Texel, Coopworth, and some very unique hybrids: Coopworth/BFL and Texel/BFL. I shop for fiber by "squish" and fell in love with her Texel immediately. When I saw her post in 2023 that she was looking for a buyer to purchase almost a years worth of fleece, I sent off a flurry of emails and a percolating dream became a reality. Cooke Creek boasts a huge sky and gorgeous views of rolling hills, mountains looming in the background.

You can read our interview with Jami on our blog HERE.

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Wool+ Boxes

Curated farm to wheel boxes direct to your door. Each box has a unique theme, a coordinating, exclusive colorway, a handful of goodies, and my favorite bit of Seattle culture: coffee (or tea)! Every woman owned flock is paired with a marginalized owned coffee or tea shop and I hand select the perfect blend for each box. A limited number of boxes are released for each farm and they are the only way to guarantee a braid of our exclusive themed colorway. 

Cooke Creek boxes will come in three varieties: Texel+, Coopworth+, and Crossbred+. Texel and Coopworth are just that, our Crossbred mix is a blend of the two unique (and very luscious) crossbreeds on the farm: Texel/BFL and Coopworth/BFL. Texel is super springy and creates a yarn with amazing stitch definition. Coopworth has a soft hand and a fantastic luster. The Crossbred mix has BFL bred in for tighter crimp, longer staple, and is a dream to spin. Want to try all three? Add a sampler to your Wool+ purchase!  Available March 1st 2024 at 8am Pacific.